Food Drives

Food drives are an important source of diverse, non-perishable foods and are a fun, easy way to engage the community in the fight against hunger. Below you will find options for setting up your next food drive, benefitting Mobile School Pantry. 


Single Drop-Off

Select a day & set hours for people to bring donations to one location.

Event-related Drive

Partner with a local event – like a sports game, festival or county fair – and set up collection sites.

Extended Food Drive

Set up multiple collection points with drop boxes where people can leave food over the course of multiple days or weeks.

Generating Buzz

Make a Flyer: Be creative and provide key information: 

  • Date, time and location of the event
  • Suggest foods for contribution
  • Brief information about MSP

Distribute the Flyer to public places frequented by people including grocery stores, coffee shops, libraries, etc. Spread the word, in a friendly, positive attitude, to friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. Talk to them in person or via social media to get the word out, and ask them to spread the word as well. Explain that it will be a fun event focused on a great cause. 

Work with Media

Use local newspapers, magazines, and radio or television stations to help spread the word about your food drive. The local media often welcome information about community events, and many radio and TV stations offer online forms to simplify event promotion. 

Send an announcement at least two weeks before the food drive day. Follow up with reporters several days after the event to announce the results of the drive, the approximate number of donors and volunteers and where the food will go. The best days to send media announcements are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

If interested in supporting MSP with your own food drive, please contact us at 954-297-4939 or via email: to make arrangements.