November: Gobble Giveaway

Over the past 5 years, Mobile School Pantry (MSP) has provided ingredients for 553 families to prepare a Thanksgiving meal in their home. A donation of just $50 provides a family of 4-6 with a complete traditional meal from Publix, a 10-12-pound Turkey, Old-Fashioned cornbread dressing, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry orange relish. Families will also receive a 10 lb. bag of additional grocery items this year.

MSP began in 2013 with 13 families. This year will mark the 6th Anniversary of Gobble Giveaway – Mobile School Pantry is committed to assisting close to 400 families.

Many families in our community live paycheck-to-paycheck and purchasing the ingredients for a holiday meal can be a large financial burden, using a huge part of a family’s monthly food budget.  Holiday memories often center around a meal – the warmth coming from the oven as the smells mingle in the air, culminating in sitting as a family and enjoying the time together. With your help, MSP would like to provide that experience for as many families as we can, for whom it would ordinarily be out of reach or strain financially.

Every contribution of $50 helps another family gather around the table for a wholesome meal together. There is no better way to give thanks than to give another person something to be thankful for. I am so grateful to be able to help make the holidays brighter especially for those in need. Every year I am blown away by the amount of help and support we get. This giving tradition began when a friend asked to help feed families for Thanksgiving in 2013.

A Message from Our Founder

I knew there was an overwhelming amount of families in need in our community from my time working at Feeding South Florida. I reached out to the principal of Stirling Elementary, whom I knew from the school and youth program at LLS,  my current job at the time. I explained to him that their was an opportunity to provide families in need a wholesome holiday meal; he was more than pleased to help and gave me the names & contact information of 13 families.

That Thanksgiving we delivered packaged traditional meals to those 13 families – the children and families were so grateful and thankful.

It was a feeling I’ll never forget and every year since then, I continue to work hard alongside our generous and compassionate community to help make this event a little more special for families in need of a helping hand and wholesome meal. It was the day Mobile School Pantry’s journey began. It is one of my fondest and most treasured moments every year, reminding us how powerful and impactful hard work can be.

What’s Included

  • 32 oz. gravy
  • 4 delicious sides
  • A 10 to 12 lb. cooked turkey
  • 16 oz. cranberry orange relish
  • 2.5 lb. Yukon Gold mashed potatoes
  • 2.5 lb. Old-Fashioned cornbread dressing
  • A 10 lb. bag of groceries

Cost of a Meal


**Please note that the final cost is rounded up from $49.99

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