Who We Serve

Hunger Does Not Discriminate

The faces of hunger may surprise you. At one time it was the homeless man on the corner who used a soup kitchen to get by. These days the face of hunger includes a family where the adults are employed but cannot make ends meet, a child who sits next to your child in school and goes to bed hungry, and an elderly neighbor who skips meals to afford medication. Florida currently has more than 3.4 Million residents, including 1.1 Million children, who are food-insecure. The 1,000 people we feed each month are just like you. They are mothers and fathers, senior citizens and children, all hoping that one day they won’t have to ask for help.

MSP currently operates our school pantry at Stirling Elementary, Orange Brook Elementary, and Martin Luther King Elementary. This year we are expanding our school pantry to two additional schools in Broward County. Many more schools have children and families in need of this food assistance. With your help, we can reach more people who need our assistance and ensure that we have the ability to meet our community’s hunger needs.